Prahran Chiropractic Clinic
Prahran Chiropractic Clinic

About the Practice

The Prahran Chiropractic Clinic is located within the Prahran Medical Clinic, where we work alongside a team of General Practitioners.

General Philosophy

Prahran Chiropractic Clinic does not engage in heavy selling of its services. YOU are encouraged to decide on the number and frequency of visits.

Treating a babyOur primary objective is to find the source of the problem, treat that problem, so that YOU can be free to get on with your life.

Considerable effort is employed to find the cause of your discomfort, whether that be through work, exercising, sleeping, lifting, pregnancy, etc. Various techniques will be employed so you do not require continuing chiropractic treatment for that problem.



For appointments please call the practice on 9525 2557 or alternatively try 0400 685 310.

Dr Sébastien De Potter, Chiropractor

Prahran Chiropractic Clinic
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